WX Launcher FAQ

  1. I have purchased the PRO license. Why do i still see ads?
  • If you still see ads after purchasing the PRO license, Please navigate to WX Launcher Settings>More>Reset WX Launcher .
  • Alternatively you can go to your Device Settings>All Apps>WX Launcher> Clear data and Wipe Cache. This will remove the ads if you have purchased the PRO License

2. I cannot uninstall WX Launcher. Whats the issue?

  • WX Launcher cannot be uninstalled directly if you have activated the DEVICE ADMIN Permission that is required for Power button functionality.
  • To uninstall,simple remove WX Launcher from your DEVICE ADMIN LIST which is available in your device Settings.
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to WX Launcher Settings>More>Uninstall WX Launcher . That’s it

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